First Jeans day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the month, which means if you would like to wear jeans to work tomorrow, you can do that. All you have to do is pay $10, and you are covered for the rest of the year.

See the following people at each building to make your donation:

  • High school: Jeremy Hopping
  • Middle School: Dave Stewart
  • CIS: Katie Van Sickle
  • GES: Pat Malecky and Jane Ludwig

Your $10 donation will go directly to the GEA Scholarship Fund, and at the end of the year GEA will give a scholarship to a senior student who has decided to go into the field of education.


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GEA Election Results

President: Mike Bait

Certified Vice President: M.J. Burgess

Classified Vice President: To be appointed by President (2nd year in term)

Treasurer: Amy Welsh (2nd year in term)

Secretary: Amy Tolbert

High School Representatives

Jeremy Hopping

Dianne McDonald

Tyler Schultz

EB Smith

Middle School Representatives

Jill Esh

Eric Minton

Dave Stewart

Intermediate School Representatives

Brandon Messner

Nancy Nesbitt

Debbie Thomas

Elementary School Representatives

Jane Ludwig

Patrick Malecky

Secretary/Aide Representatives


Bus Garage Representative

Jeff Burkett

John Harter

GEA elections are tomorrow

GEA elections will take place tomorrow during the school day. Your building reps will place a ballot in your mailbox; please return completed ballots by the end of the day.

  • GES should return ballots to Jane Ludwig
  • GIS should return ballots to Nancy Nesbitt, Katie Van Sickle, or Debbie Thomas
  • GMS should return ballots to Lisa Yeager
  • GHS should return ballots to Keith Mullins